The World's First Hand-Powered Treadmill

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The Best Running Tech from CES 2020


By JAN 10, 2020  

The Best Running Tech from CES 2020 

Every runner has heard “Use your arms!” in the late stages of a race. That’s because our legs aren’t doing all the work when we’re cranking—we get a lot more power from our arms than we realize. That’s the logic behind this hand-powered ’mill, which uses handles (like those found on an elliptical machine) to help move the belt along with your feet. Based on video demonstrations on BodyEnergy’s website, it looks like pumping the handles while moving might take some getting used to. However, the tradeoff is that the treadmill is safer, greener, and lower-maintenance than its motorized peers, and delivers a more demanding workout. And just because it’s motorless doesn’t mean you can’t hit high speeds; BodyEnergy’s research-backed belt can handle a five-minute mile pace. To add one of the hand-powered treadmills to your home gym, you’ll need to contact BE directly from the contact form on their website below. 


Cutting-edge running tech from CES 2020

This piece aerobic apparatus is elliptical meets treadmill. The concept at the back of the BodyEnergy treadmill is that it’s a greener and secure selection to motorized machines–as it makes use of your frame’s power to propel itself.