The World's First Hand-Powered Treadmill

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BodyEnergy Treadmill (patent pending)

BodyEnergy Treadmill (patent pending)

BodyEnergy Treadmill (patent pending)BodyEnergy Treadmill (patent pending)

Bodyenergy treadmill

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BodyEnergy Treadmill: All You - No Motor

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Fun to run - Full body exercise

First-time user run speed up to 15 mph



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  • Extremely safe at any speed, suitable for use of all ages
  • Burn calories much faster than current motorized treadmills 
  • Fully controlled by user and change speed instantly           
  • Full body exercise with use of arms and legs
  • Low impact on your knees
  • Human-powered to save electricity 






Product information


BodyEnergy (BE) Treadmill has been invented after more than 5 years of research and development. BE Treadmill is the first manual treadmill that can fully replace motorized treadmills for people’s daily exercise and athletic training. Motorized power of the conventional treadmill is replaced by power from user’s hands and feet to move the tread belt, and user fully controls the running speed and intensity. Running on BE Treadmill is a full body exercise. Unlike the motorized treadmill, BE Treadmill is safe for all ages. 

Safety is a major issue with  using the motorized treadmill. There are roughly 24,000 treadmill accidents sent to the ER annually in the US. Treadmill injuries consistent of about 40% of the total indoor fitness equipment injuries sent to the ER. On May 5, 2015, SurveyMonkey chief executive David Goldberg, who also was Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg's husband, died from a head injury sustained after falling off a treadmill at a private resort in Mexico. There have been 30 treadmill-related deaths occurring between 2003-2012 in the US.


In 2017, there were almost 53 million Americans who used a treadmill – ranking the category #1 among fitness machines. There are 65 million seniors in the US alone. Many of them are hesitant to use motorized treadmills because of the safety hazards and risks.

BE Treadmill has developed a revolutionary way to workout your entire body on a treadmill without the risk. While being completely human-powered, the BE Treadmill is energy-efficient, user-friendly for all ages, and can encourage more people to exercise because of its safety and high efficiency to burn more calories faster.


1. The first hand-powered treadmill can reach the speed up to 12 mph.

2.  Ability to change the tread belt speed instantaneously by changing user’s hands and feet movement frequency

3. Safe, suitable for the exercise groups of all ages; excellent solution for exercise for seniors

4. High exercise efficiency, saving exercise time, burn calories much faster than using traditional motorized treadmill at the same speed

5.  Full body exercise with consistent use of arms and legs to create power for driving tread belt

6. Reduce sports injuries and avoid the damage caused by the force of motorized treadmill to the joints such as the knees and joints

7. Stable performance of the equipment, low failure rate, and low maintenance cost since no electric motor is needed to move the tread belt

8. Green, no electricity consumption to move tread belt (If all motorized treadmills in the United States were replaced with BE Treadmill, over $1 billion in electricity could be saved each year).

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